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Why Does Golf Phyx Work?

How Does Body Phyx work to Phyx Movement Faults?

Body Phyx uses evidence-based movement to treat pain. Consider this analogy. A garden hose is caught under the tire of your car, and you're trying to free it up. The slack is taken up and you continue to tug the hose, but it is not going anywhere. You wiggle the hose just right and you free it up. The same is true with stretching. Stretches aggravate pain if there is a neural component to pain. It takes a special kind of movement to cause gliding and sliding of entrapped nerves. You pull and pull, but you don't free up the entrapped nerve---you only cause more pain.

Swinging a golf club is a good example of pain caused by pulling on an entrapped nerve. The entrapped nerve can be in the spine, shoulder, shoulder blade, elbow, hip or knee. Nerves have to have their full freedom of movement to accommodate the golf swing.

Maximize the golfer's potential with the golf professional and on the course.

Can't play because you hurt? Don't play because you're frustrated?

  • Many people think that painful movement is a consequence of aging. This is a myth.
  • People assume that because a doctor or image led to a diagnosis of arthritis, even "bone on bone" joint changes, that pain and loss of the ability to do an activity is inevitable. In most cases, this is just not true.
  • People believe that following a sports injury, a diagnosis of arthritis, or an accident, that pain is an inevitable part of daily life.

It doesn't have to be that way!

Phyx Movement Faults that cause:

  • Loss of power
  • Loss of consistency
  • Loss of distance
  • The game is just not as fun as it was
  • The onset of pain during the game or the next day
  • Game falls apart after the 11th or 12th hole

Better Yourself To Better Your Game

NIKE has created the NG360° Functional Performance System (FPS), Powered By Gray Institute. This program is designed to:

  • Assess the function of the human body
  • Implement golf-specific training
  • Enhance the individual's performance
  • Rehabilitate from injury and return to golf

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