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Changes in the normal movement pathway and the normal movement range is called abnormal movement. Very frequently, the result of abnormal movement is pain. Pain, guarding in anticipation of pain, and changes in the movement pathway are "bumps" in movement. As golfer swings the club, these "bumps" cause irregular, inconsistent movement through the swing arc. In the course of movement through the swing, sometimes the movement goes over the bump, sometimes around the bump, and sometimes the movement will bump into the bump, OUCH! Normal movement does not have the bumps. One hundred and eighty degrees of club arc is needed to achieve maximum club head speed at impact. Restoring optimal biomechanics of movement will increase the distance the club swings (the club arc). It is a misconception that power comes from strength alone. Power comes from movement too. Therefore, the club and ball speed will increase with the restoration of the distance the club travels through the swing. The 8 Holes of Golf Phyx makes this happen fast!

* - Golf instruction is always preceded by using the SME'S, The First 8 Holes of Golf Phyx, as the restoration of correct biomechanics of movement is the key to the success of the Golf Phyx principle.

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