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Phyx Movement Faults

The First 8 Holes of Golf Phyx will remove movement faults (The Phyx)
At the 9th Hole of Golf Phyx, the golf professional, will correct swing faults (The Fix)
Computer Video Enhancing Equipment will keep the golfer on course

The Phyx

Most golfers do not recognize the loss or change of normal movement, movement faults. How the golfer can identify the presence of movement faults:

  • The loss of power
  • The loss of consistency in the swing
  • The loss of distance
  • The game is just not as much fun as it was
  • The onset of pain during the game or even the next day

First Visit - Focus (The Phyx)

At The Phyx visit the golfer is instructed in The First 8 Holes of Golf Phyx, the Specialized Movement Equipment, SME's. The Phyx will restore movement.

  • Increased Movement = Increased Power
  • Increased Movement = Increased Consistency

With power and consistency established, the golfer proceeds to The Fix, individual instruction with the golf professional.

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