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Golf Improvement Packages

Ace Package

This package includes a full functional movement analysis of the golfer's swing. The golfer will be taken through a joint specific assessment to identify problem areas that may be causing limitations within their game. The goal of this package is to identify body movement faults and implement an improvement program through the use of our equipment and through functional movements.

1 Hour session: $100

Par 3 Package

This package includes the Ace package as well as two follow-up visits. This package is designed to build upon the initial improvement program and not only track the golfers' progress, but advance his or her training to achieve their individual goals. The golfer will be introduced to individual training for golf specific flexibility and stability.

Three - 1 Hour Sessions: $240

Par 5 Package

This package is designed to maximize the golfers' potential for improvement. It includes all the components of the Ace package with four follow-up visits after the initial evaluation. Each visit will build upon the initial improvement program with an emphasis on individualized training. The golfer's program will include power, coordination, endurance, flexibility, and adaptability training.

Five - 1 Hour Sessions: $360

Golf Fitness Program:

This option is available to those who have completed the Par 5 program. The golfer is entitled to continue his or her training program with use of our facility. This is a self-guided program.

5 visits: $60
10 visits: $100

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