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Fix Swing Faults

The First 8 Holes of Golf Phyx will remove movement faults (The Phyx)
At the 9th Hole of Golf Phyx, the golf professional, will correct swing faults (The Fix)
Computer Video Enhancing Equipment will keep the golfer on course

The Fix

With the movement faults corrected (The Phyx); the golf professional focuses on swing faults (The Fix).

This combination enables the golfer to make significant progress at each session.

Irregular and inconsistent movement presents the golf professional with quite a challenge. The path of movement the swing followed one time is not the same the next. What the golf professional is working on one minute, changes the next. Improvement is slow, inconsistent and frustrating. It world be like practicing with a different length and weight club with each swing.

With Movement variables removed prior to instruction, The Fix, the correction of true swing faults by the golf professional, progresses rapidly. Between sessions, the golfer is instructed to become comfortable with the improved swing.

Swing faults are corrected and the golfer's body is further improved through the science of the NG360 Functional Performance System (FPS) created by NIKE GOLF and The Gray Institute.

NG360° FPS is a scientific process of analysis and training to enhance the athleticism and performance of golfers at ANY skill level.

NG360° is a holistic approach aimed to improve golfers' performance through:

  • Individualized physical evaluation
  • Golf specific training
  • Digital tracking applications
  • Home exercise programs
  • Pre and post round warm-up
  • Range and practice drills
  • Custom fitting of equipment

Our performance analysis and training techniques are guided by logical strategies derived from the Applied Functional Science™ principles of human movement.

Matt Popiolkowski, DPT, NG360 GPS

A graduate of Wheeling Jesuit University, Matt earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Through his extensive training through NIKE GOLF, Matt treats every golfer as an athlete no matter the age or skill level. His goal is to empower each individual with the knowledge and tools to achieve his or her personal goals in the game of golf.

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