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How Golf Phyx works

  • The First 8 Holes of Golf Phyx will remove movement faults (The Phyx).
  • At The 9th Hole of Golf Phyx, the golf professional will correct swing faults (The Fix).
  • Computer Video Enhancing Equipment will keep the golfer on course.

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Why Does Golf Phyx Work?

The Focus is on Movement. Why? Power comes from movement, not necessarily from strength.

  • Normal Movement = Consistent Movement
  • Abnormal Movement = Inconsistent Movement

The Phyx will restore Normal Movement, The Fix will correct Swing Faults.

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Goal of Golf Phyx

The goal of Golf Phyx is to get the golfers back to the course better than they ever were.

To achieve the goal, Golf Phyx will:

  • Restore correct biomechanics of movement in all structures involved in the golf swing, including the back
  • If present, significantly decrease or abolish pain due to these mechanical faults
  • Improve the golfer's swing at each session
  • Get the golfer back to the course better than they ever were
  • Implement golf specific training
  • Assess the function of the human body
  • Enhance the individuals performance
  • Provide personal access to exercises, pre-round warm-ups, and range drills to continue the golfer's improvement

To accomplish these goals, Golf Phyx combines the expertise of golf professionals, manual physical therapists, and The 8 Holes of Golf Phyx. Each of The 8 Holes of Golf Phyx is a very specialized piece of equipment, Specialized Movement Enhancing Equipment (SME's). This equipment was developed to enhance the movement specific to the golf swing. Movement is generated in a specific direction with the appropriate amount of force.

Unlike the stretching exercises found in most golf books and magazines (generic stretching in several directions), the Golf Phyx equipment incorporates advanced manual physical therapy techniques developed in Australia and New Zealand. The order in which each piece of equipment is used, in relationship to another piece of equipment, is the key to successful outcomes. With the movement faults corrected (The Phyx), the golf professional focuses on swing faults (The Fix).

This combination enables the golfer to make significant progress at each session. As progress is made at the session, the frustration of practicing incorrectly is avoided. Between sessions, the golfer is instructed to become comfortable with the improved swing.

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